Suicide brooch, metal, paper, 7×4×2cm
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After several trips to India, I was really impressed by the omnipresence of death in this culture. This society accepts death like a natural process; it is perceived as part of humanity’s destiny, as a life’s cycle. Destruction, degradation is present everywhere and in every mind in daily life. During my contemplation of cremations, I realised that we are but small things on earth: only bones and ashes.

On the opposite, in the West, death is hidden, shameful and unaccepted.This negation of human finiteness is a consequence of our contemporary world which encourages supremacy of power, money and the eternal perfection of youth. In the endless abolishment of human essential values, our society ends up forgetting about its origin.

I started to create small skeletons mixing bones made of papier-mâché with other materials and jewels, sometimes found on the floor, other times collected on flea markets. On one hand I refer to archaeology and death rituals in history and civilisations. On the other hand, I refer to the perception of death in the twenty-first century with our modern rituals and sophisticated ways of fighting against death.