Cleanliness is next to Godliness,Installation in launderette Dalston, December 2011
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East London, December 2011, part of the collective project ‘Exchange Series’ curated by ‘Happen’

The Exchange Series aims to open a dialogue between shopkeepers and designers through 8 small interventions into the landscape of Dalston’s main high street in London.

In my intervention displayed in a Launderette, I wanted to play with the mechanized atmosphere of this space, where humans don’t have a big role, so I incorporated symbolic objects with associations that are usually very removed from the automatic way that people perform their daily chores like washing.

Having exhibited a related installation with the same title earlier this year, I adapts my materials of gold leaf and soap to relate to the style and function of the launderette, casting shapes which relate to contemporary behaviour, in laundry detergent tablets that people can use for thier waching, and contrasting precious, glamorous gold with the utilitarian nature of the space.