Sketch Burning Life
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‘Burning life’ is a metaphoric story which shows aspects of our present world. It is a nar- rative illustration made of a composition of jewels which are all covered with pyrotechnic powder. The explosive fire follow the thread of the story. It begin with a enlighted Big Bang to follow into the Shamanic Hands until the Central brain and continue to burn other elements that I will develop in the future. It is burning and consuming everything on his way to show as life and death are deeply connected. Once the story ends, it remains only burned jewels to remember this ephemeral moment.


This work was inspired by the fireworks -sparklers-used during celebrations. I wanted to connect pyrotechny to jewellery as a powerful element. I form metal/gold wire to cre- ate shapes which are inspired by the drawings of the story, and then I cover these struc- tures with the pyrotechnic powder. From this narrative compostition some piece of jewels emerge. Then, I deep them into a resin to fix the burn parts.

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