Flyer designed for the promotion of the Big Bang Party Shop, Work In Progress Show, Royal College of Art
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Royal College of Art, 2011

To respond to a exhibition planned in the frame of my studies at the Royal College of Art, I decided to create the Big Bang Party Shop. For this purpose, I have designed a range of low cost products which transmit my personal vision of the human condition, using elements of party and celebration, as confetti poppers, fireworks, that I have transformed. Behind the attractive and seductive aspect is hidden another side of the reality. During the opening, I was wearing these element on myself, and proposed to the public to experiment them. They could explode confetti poppers, light the Big Bazuka, or create a confetti brooch for instance. I situated myself as a centre, where people could participate and experience a light, a fire, an explosion, a glitter about some aspects of our human condition in our contemporary world.