Gandhi Brooch indian note, silver, strass, enamelled eyes, 6 × 12 × 1 cm
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My work is about money and its value in our occidental society. I’m asking myself about the future of a world where the economy, the consumption’ society and the profit never stop to increase to the detriment of the essential nature of human being.

A trip to India and Asia made me more sensitive to our society the self-satisfaction, comfort, and tasteless luxury which enters everywhere in our daily way of life. I use coins and notes to create jewels, purses, cuffs, which denounce the pretentious, arrogant and frivolous character of the fineries and other fashionable accessories worn by the mass of conventional people.

Jewels reflect a culture. In India for instance, each jewel has a profound meaning. It shows the status, the age, the condition, the religion of the person who wears it. In the West, a jewel has lost its meaning a long time ago. It’s just becoming a diamonds-show and in that way a symbol of pretention and wealth. The western jewel is like an image of our culture oriented and based in money.

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